Submersible v/s Centrifugal pumps – which one is best for farming ?

An aggro pump helps a farmer to take water from one source to another with ease and irrigate the crops ! The farm’s output depends on continued water supply and the source of water could be underground or on the surface, the farm water pumps should be powerful enough to draw water from just about any depth.

For agricultural needs, these pumps use high pressure to transfer the water to the crops and also help to make the distribution of water more convenient and evenly placed . But before you buy a pump, you need to understand its specifications. Each pump has a different power range, stage, head range, discharge range, pipe size and supply phase. The higher the power or HP , the greater will be the discharge from the pump.
Keeping this in mind, we have brought you information about the two types of agricultural pumps most commonly used !

Submersible v/s Centrifugal pumps

1. Submersible pumps

Due to unpredictable rainfall and uneven supply of water most farmers go for this Bore-well Submersible pumps ! To ensure uninterrupted water supply throughout the year, in case your crops are water rich you can opt for a bore-well submersible pump from Ellen pumps . These pumps are entirely submerged in water and hence the name “ submersible “!
Bore-well pumps come with many exciting features like better hydraulic and electrical design along with high-grade electrical stamping which make the pump highly efficient. The specially designed thrust bearing ensures reliability and its simple construction makes it the ideal choice for farmers needing a lot of water supply for their fields , through a borewell ! .
To ensure uninterrupted water supply throughout the year, you can opt for a submersible pump . It can also function effectively in a wide voltage band, protecting it from voltage fluctuations.
So if you have voltage problems go for a submersible pump !

As the name suggests, it is installed below the surface of the water. It consists of waterproof elements and a pump box in which the pump is placed ! They are used to pull water from a well, lake, or pond near the fields.
Agriculture pumps are also used for irrigation of farm land by sprinkler, flood or micro-irrigation. Types in which again the submersible pump is of great use .

An aggro pump is the lifeline of agriculture !

Submersible pumps can be single staged pumps or multi-staged pumps (a combination of many single staged pumps). They are usually operated by electrical energy. They can be operated by solar energy, wind energy, hydro energy, etc. They can be used when the water level of the water source is shallow.

2. Centrifugal Pumps

When there is a need for vast quantities of water to be transferred from one location to the other, these pumps come in handy.
So if you need the pump to throw the water and make it travel a long distance before reaching the crop – go for a centrifugal pump .

These centrifugal pumps also ensure that the flow rates are high. Centrifugal Pumps find use in agriculture, industry, wastewater plants, mining, power generation plants and many more industries and are more economically viable than submersible pumps .

Choice of pump depends on

1. Water source
2. Distance need to travel by the water to reach the final point
3. Longer the distance – choose a centrifugal pump !
Centrifugal pumps offer wide voltage bands like most agricultural pumps do but what sets it apart is the monoset construction. The monoset construction and high-quality mechanical seal prevents any leakage and prevent contaminants out.
Incase you require a sustained and regular water supply then go in for a centrifugal water pump .

Ellen centrifugal agriculture pumps ensure that you don’t miss out on your regular water supply, whether it is your overhead water tank, industrial applications or farming needs. They come with advanced technology and features like:
* High Grade Electrical stamping that ensure reduced power losses and are easy on the pocket too and cheaper than submersible pumps !
* Wide Voltage Application design to withstand wide voltage fluctuations from 250V-440V and give consistent performance.
* High Thrust Capacity than a submersible pump is ensured by specially designed thrust bearing leading to longer area covered while watering .

Water pumps offer benefits to not just farmers but also crops and ecosystems on the whole. They are an essential to the modern irrigation system and the right pump can help you increase output , decrease cost and lower maintenance problems .
So choose the right pump for your farm needs .

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